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Public and Media Relations
Positive connectivity with one's community, directly to the public or through press and media messaging, is beneficial for a business/organization.
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Optima takes great pride in its eclectic and diverse graphic design team. Led by Alaskan artist and animator Sarah Paulus, Optima’s designers are remarkably intuitive, pragmatic and clever.
Advertising & Marketing
Optima can help you understand the differences between advertising and marketing. Our team is cognizant of the fact these two messaging forms can sometimes be integrally connected and weaved into your objectives.
Ad Production
Optima is a partner with Talking Circle Media. Award-winning videographer Jonathan Butzke is the owner and friend.
Political Campaigns & Polling
Optima Public Relations has an innovative and seasoned political consulting staff and host of technical support to make your campaign successful.
Social Media
Optima can be your social media management firm. We can advise you how to set up targeted social media sites so you achieve the most exposure and meet your goals.
Crisis Control
Crisis Control
& Management
Optima Public Relations has keen insight in crisis management and pre-planning. Our team can help you come up with a process and approach consistent with your staffing availability and control measures.
At Optima, our design team prides itself in partnering with some of the most creative and truly elite photographers in Alaska. Their artistic insight and professionalism make our products that much better.
Website Audits
& Design
Websites are an invaluable tool allowing your business and organization to promote, update, educate, announce, inform and even entertain and generate interest about your services.