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There is no "right way" to design a brochure. A company or organization's image and branding comes from its brochure as much as from logo and name.

At Optima, we find that the client's opinion is always helpful, and whether fully engaged in the process or with instructions to just get it done, our design team complements any project.

Brochure development and design can get complicated, but don't have to be. We've found that guidance on the right content, contour and design is what benefits a client. Printing also matters when it comes to selecting finish (paper's feel/texture), weight, text, and opacity (thickness/absorbency).

Let Optima help make your brochure stand out, resonate and be useful to clients and customers.

Recent Brochure Designs

  • Alaska Women's Summit - brochure

    Alaska Women's Summit - brochure

  • Brian Endle for Assembly

    Brian Endle for Assembly - brochure

  • Alaska Association of Conservation Districts

    Alaska Association of Conservation Districts

  • MEA - Eklutna Generation Station

    MEA - Eklutna Power Station

  • Northwest Arctic Borough

    Northwest Arctic Borough - Brochure

  • 2014 Matsu Farm Tour

    Matsu Farmer Tour

  • FOAST CSI Camp

    CSI Camp

  • Alaska Police & Fire Chaplains' Ministries

    Alaska Police & Fire
    Chaplains' Ministries

  • Alliance


  • LIME Solar

    LIME Solar

  • Charlen Jeffery

    Charlen Jeffery (Artist)

  • Mama's Assisted Living Homes

    Mama's Assisted Living Homes

  • Greta Schuerch

    Greta Schuerch

  • Matanuska Electric Association

    Matanuska Electric Association

  • Senator Lesil McGuire

    Senator Lesil McGuire

  • Representative Shelley Hughes

    Representative Shelley Hughes

  • Jewelry Cache LLC

    Jewelry Cache Holiday Brochure

  • Shelley Hughes - brochure

    Shelley Hughes - brochure


    ARCTEC Booklet

  • Alaska Boating Federation - brochure

    Alaska Boating Federation - brochure

  • Blues Central

    Blues Central - Pit Bar
    Real Estate Brochure