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Why go digital?

From colorful messages to animation and motion graphics, the latest trend in marketing your message or pitch online is now messaging on the Internet.

TV, radio and print ads have been prevalent for over 50 years, while online advertising is a new, fresh medium.




Social Media for Branding

Social media marketing is the craze. Whether you want to reach online users through their desktop computers at home or work, or on their smartphone, or on a tablet and iPad, we can help.


is the most popular

online platform

in the world

2 Billion Users

Per Zephoria, Facebook has (as of June 2017) almost 2 billion users, an 18% increase over 2016, with 1.15 billion active mobile device (smartphone; iPad) users, a 23% increase over the prior year.  The most popular user age demographic is between 25 and 34, but all levels above these ages are growing in leaps and bounds.

Target Specific Demographics

Facebook’s latest technology allows for superior online branding and sales thanks to Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), which according to MartchSeries in late June 2017 is benefiting retail, finance, banking, healthcare sectors and non-profits as a tool to measure performance and provide indicators on how to contour outreach.  Advanced MMM statistics allows for calculation of the effects of marketing campaigns on sales, profit, return-on-investment (ROI) and customer acquisition and retention.

Optima can help you

with Facebook

in the following ways

Create and Manage Your Page

Design and Publish Daily Images

Design, Set Up, Launch, and Monitor Ad Campaigns

Strategize comprehensive programs for your messaging to Facebook users

Provide research on geo-targeting and demographic strategies

Here are some of our Facebook posts and marketing designs:

Facebook Promotions


is growing

Billions of Views

Marketing Land reported in late June 2017 that (now Google-owned) YouTube is growing. The video portal is giving viewers new views and a way to responsively reformat videos on mobile and support for 180-degree videos.

The statistics don't lie

Every month, 1.5 billion people log into YouTube to watch videos, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki reported at VidCon in June 2017. This number doesn’t take into account the billions of people who watch a video on YouTube in a given month (although YouTube is better able to target ads to the logged-in viewers).

place your video

before, during or after

a YouTube video

We can help

Here are some statistics from FortuneLords that may compel you to try it based on your target market:

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day globally

6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to TV

62% of YouTube users are males; 38% are females

60% of total YouTube viewers and subscribers are between the ages of 25 and 54

Optima is an exclusive agency with Centro, through Wick Digital’s platform.

Optima affiliates with Wick Communications and utilizes its digital platform and networking team. Wick is a family-owned media company specializing in website, newspaper, and magazine publishing in 11 states.

Wick works with Centro, which is a prominent performance-driven digital platform using Basis DPS to enhance your digital media investment.

Digital advertising is extremely effective in the U.S., and Optima can help with innovative ads and website page designs so the target audience clicks to where you need them to be on your website. We can measure analytics and statistics on engagement for you to keep your message or revise (or end).

If ever there was a new, fresh, visible means to promote your brand, product, candidate or cause, digital marketing is equal to or surpassing T.V., radio and print mediums in 2017/2018.

Here’s what Centro can do for you:

Google AdWords

ensures people see you

Don't Ignore It

Beyond Facebook advertising, and likely larger in scope, Internet search engine giant Google offers its signature AdWords platform to ensure people searching for information or resources online will see you.

You’ll attract attention (customers, votes, support, donations), and geo-target to the households and audiences that make your message matter. You only pay for results with Google AdWords, and if someone doesn’t visit your website, there is no fee. You can start with any budget and the impact is profound, depending on your plan and marketing approach, and that’s where Optima can help.

The power of Google AdWords

Search Engine Land reported that spending on Google AdWords increased 21% from Q4 2016 and Q1 2017. Desktop engagements remain the largest audience, with mobile a close second and tablets (i.e. iPads) a distant third. More revealing is the fact 77.8% of U.S. search ad revenue is earned by Google (the remaining with Yahoo, Bing, and smaller search engine offerings).

Add to the numbers 36% of searches on Google are associated with location, the top three paid advertising spots get 46% of the page clicks (Google ads are typically the top three spots when you search for something), and 69% of searches that are a mobile phone call come directly from a Google search (i.e. you search on your phone, the Google ad or information appears, and you click the phone number to dial directly). That is power! 

Two Internet Giant Platforms

Google and Facebook reported surging revenue growth in their second quarter earnings reports this week, due in part to their impressive hold on the digital advertising market.

And some analysts say that advertisers are clamoring for an alternative to the two giant Internet platforms who dominate the industry.

Google is expected to command nearly 41 percent of the $83 billion Internet advertising market in the United States this year, according to estimates by the research firm eMarketer. Facebook will claim just under half of that, about 20 percent number to dial directly.

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