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Online and Print Advertising

If any service or product is affiliated with marketing, advertising is most often the effective form. "Make your message matter" is Optima's mantra. Ad and digital image designing is one of our signature services.

Ads and online digital imaging (signage and social media imaging) design is an art form in and of itself. The message/content in concert with look and appeal must shout to the viewer. The design must draw the viewer into the intent of the messenger while compelling them to follow the calling (ad's message).

We can help make YOUR advertising message matter.

The Amy Demboski Show
Social Media Ad Campaign
Nothing But Driveways
Social Media Ad Campaign
Sustainable Budgets Ad
Social Media Ad
Alaska Women's Summit 2015 Ads
Digital Ad Campaign
Social Media Ad
Clean Air Alaska
Social Media Ad
Digital Ad
App Ad
MEA - AK State Fair 2014
Magazine Ad
Tom Anderson Show ad promotion
Promotional Ad
Dutch Harbor USCG Poster
USCG Poster
Lesil McGuire - Political Image
Political Ad
Gordon's Ad
Campaign Ad
MEA softball game ad
softball game Ad
MEA Alaska Business Monthly ad
AK Business Monthly Ad
Facebook Post
Facebook advertising
Fireweed Lodge Ad
Fireweed Lodge Ad
Blogging Image
Blog imaging
Event Image
Autumn Ad
Article Image
Political Imaging
Recreational Ad
Recreational Ad
Business Ad
Business Ad
Facebook Timeline Image
Facebook Ad
Business Ad
Business Ad
MEA golf tournament ad
Tournament Ad
MEA Energy Poster Ad
Digital Ad
Alaska Women's Summit
AWS 2015

Alaska Women's Summit Advertisement