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Why should you incorporate

media, community, and public relations 

into your business model?

This question has been considered by businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies for decades.





whether you’re selling something or promoting a product or service, and for specific advocacy or general branding, all marketing should coincide with notable and respected public perception.


Media centers,

like TV and print news sources,

are important to your goals,

particularly with thoughtful, positive coverage. So, too, any civic or local coverage and awareness. Any and all advertising should be in concert with a foundation of community recognition.


and that’s why public relations is important.

Why is Optima

uniquely qualified

to help you with PR?


If you decide on outsourcing public, media and/or community relations services, there are relevant considerations to consider like cost, value, and experience.


Optima contours PR support based on the client and budget. We review your requirements and submit a proposal listing a menu of services, delivery timeline and cost.


Our PR team is extremely qualified to support your needs because of our experience. We’re educated, connected to nearly all Alaskan media centers (TV / print / radio), and have the contacts and networking skills to support your endeavor, small or large.

Here are some of the

services we provide

that stand out

from other firms

Press Releases and Media Alerts

Opinion editorials and support in publishing articles and news

Facilitate launches, open-houses and policymaker tours


Networking with civic groups like Rotary, chambers of commerce, and fraternal organizations

Government affairs support at the local, borough, state and federal policymaker levels

Public and community outreach

Announcements for staff changes and new services

Crisis control

Press conference support

Make your message matter!

Crisp, bold branding makes a difference.

Let Optima be your guide to visibility and success.


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