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Tom R. Anderson


Tom grew up farming with his family in Cottonwood, Minnesota. His passion has always been the great outdoors, from hunting and fishing to camping, and that’s why he ultimately settled in Alaska. A U.S. Army veteran, former Seattle fireman, 22-year Alaska State Trooper (retiring as the Director/Colonel), and retired General Manager over Ogen Allied Alaska’s statewide facility contracts (e.g. Sullivan Arena, Egan Convention Center, Carlson Center), he founded Optima Public Relations in 2011 with an eye on providing comprehensive marketing and public relations services to Alaskan companies, government agencies and non-profits.

Tom T. Anderson

Managing Partner

Tom Jr. is a lifelong Alaskan. He loves advocacy, politics, and branding. Earning a B.A. in Political Science and Master’s Degree in Public Administration (UAA), and Juris Doctorate (Hamline University School of Law in Minnesota) by his early 30s, he has been active in government as state legislative aide for six years, member of Anchorage’s Zoning Board of Examiners & Appeals, Light & Power Commission, Parking Authority, School Board, and was elected to two terms in the Alaska State Legislature in the House of Representatives. Tom is a freelance writer for numerous publications and hosts a popular morning radio talk show. Tom’s expertise is in media/public relations and innovative messaging.

Eugene Harnett

Communications Director

An entrepreneur at heart, Eugene is integral to Optima’s public and media relations efforts, assisting with media outreach, community and government relations, and event planning. He’s organized dozens of leadership conferences, gathering key figures to attend, promoting them, and facilitating the discussions on the issues of import. An excellent public speaker and writer. He can help sharpen up your copy and create powerful presentations, even prepare your written speeches. In his spare time, he is a webmaster and internet marketer galore. Father of five boys born in Alaska, he loves to canoe the local rivers.

Allison Van Eck

Digital and Social Media Director

Allison is a lifelong Alaskan who loves gardening, botany and growing things. In fact, that’s why she’s so good at digital marketing and social media; she can grow a brand and help it blossom and thrive. With experience in administration and management at organizations like Northern Forum, PEAK Oilfield Services, and Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), her list of corporate and non-profit experience is extensive. An expert in digital platforms and search engine optimization, Allison leads Optima’s design team in providing innovative, attention-grabbing, remarkable designs and online promotion to make your message matter.

Cecil Sanders

Creative Design Director

Cecil is addicted to the outdoors. He loves campaigning, hiking, trekking and any adventure that take his camera and wife Anne into nature. He and Anne own and publish Last Frontier Magazine from Palmer, Alaska. Cecil earned a degree in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing from Mat-Su College in 2005. He has designed hundreds of images, logos, brochures, annual reports, newsletter, websites and the spectrum of artistic creativity for over 12 years. As a professional photographer and layout expert, he is particularly talented in overseeing newsletter, report, proposal and educational material design and compilation (i.e. Matanuska Electric Association’s last three 24+ page Annual Reports).

William Bradford

Audio Production Manager

William has been active in technology since he was a kid. He loved the field of audio/visual marketing enough to make it a career. And he’s amazing at it. William works with the latest audio production platforms for Optima. He is a gifted music enthusiast, songwriter, and creative design guru when it comes to unique, resounding radio and sound imaging. Winner of the prestigious “Pollie Gold Award” from the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) for Lesil McGuire for Lt. Governor’s “It’s Time” radio ad with national voice-over master Harry Chase, William can assist with any and all sound, voiceover, special effects, and script support. 

Michael Clark

Animator / Creative Design

Talk about award-winning talent…Michael Clark is one of Optima’s all-star contract designers. A globally recognized animator, trained in London and with a degree in Information Design from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, Michael’s expertise range from broadcast design to intricately crafted animation. He has worked in a wide variety of TV shows, including channel branding and 2D character animation for theater shows and museum installations. He is the co-founder of MANN- Creative in Johannesburg. Go to Optima’s video design examples and watch the MEA safety animation collection to see some of Michael’s impressive creativity.

Rick Millikin

Public & Media Relations

Rick is a U.S. Army veteran, successful businessman, and pastor. His marketing and PR experience go back to the late 1980s when he hosted a radio show hosting and later managed radio stations in Oklahoma and Oregon. He’s currently an executive producer for a popular morning news talk radio program. Married over 30 years, and a proud father and grandfather, he earned a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership and a Doctorate in Semiotics. Thoughtful and a good listener, Rick’s forte includes communications, freelance writing, media and community relations, and advocacy. If you need a PR frontman, Rick’s the right choice.

Bryan Zadalis

Creative Design / Campaign Strategist

Bryan is yet another of Optima’s talented, outdoor loving artists. A graduate of the University of Alaska, he is both political strategy adviser and graphic designer. He specializes in quick-turnaround creative projects, particularly in campaigns and elections. Many a late night he has worked, last-minute, to get the message out for a candidate. Bryan has designed logos, brochures, social media imaging, digital ads and comprehensive mailers for the majority of Optima’s most recent (2016 to 2017) clients. Bryan is a freelance designer and has worked with successful gubernatorial, congressional, state legislative and municipal candidates. Experience matters in political messaging; you’ll get that with Bryan.

Tim White

Creative Design / Illustration

Tim was born and raised in Alaska. He is a professional artist with expertise in illustrations, cartoons, animation and motion graphics. He earned a B.A. in Computer Animation from the Atlanta Art Institute. His niche with Optima includes logos, brochures, and special design projects for non-profit advocacies. Tim’s abilities in cartoon animation and Marvel/DC Comic quality design innovation make him a valuable part of Optima’s design team.


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