Political Campaign Support

Nothing feels better than winning.

Political Campaign Support

Nothing feels better than winning.




results matter 

in campaigns and elections.

Optima’s team of political consultants is one of the most innovative, creative, and successful (in win-to-loss ratio) in Alaska.




Whether you’re a…

federal, state or local candidate, or you’re an advocacy group or PAC that has an issue you’re supporting or opposing, we can help with crisp, memorable, reaction-causing messaging.

Our political

campaign services


Graphic Design

and content support for brochures, print and online ads and logos

Website and app design

including email invites and outreach to promote events and voting

Social media

creative, administration and content support

Printing support and facilitation

we can get you the best deals in the state (fast and low cost)

Radio, TV and online digital ad

writing, production, and monitoring (analytics on performance)

Comprehensive digital

geo-target programmatic marketing

Strategic ad placements

(TV / Radio / Print / Online) – this is a signature service

Polling, call-center

survey facilitation





Make your message matter!

Crisp, bold branding makes a difference.

Let Optima be your guide to visibility and success.


© 2017 Optima Public Relations


© 2017 Optima Public Relations