Radio Ad Production

We’re here to make you heard.

Radio Ad Production

We’re here to make you heard.



Crisp, memorable


radio production matters.

At Optima, we recognize how important your message is to your audience. Whether you want to sell something or generate recognition, attract customers or garner votes, radio marketing is an impactful way to project your call-to-action and get results.




Our “claim to fame”

is radio ad production…

Since our inception in 2011, Optima and clients have worked with some notable and recognizable voiceover talents like Sheldon Smith, Don Capone, Anne Kelly, Harry Chase, Erick Abraham, Dennis Stone, Dyna Reeves, Jennifer Knight, Tom Dheere, and many more…



Led by award-winning producers,

like William Bradford and Eddie Maxwell, our production team are geniuses behind timing, cadence, sound-effects and remarkable music sound beds. Our on-air radio voiceover talent will

make your message matter.

Listen to Our Creativity

Voiceover Artist: Donald James

Style: Deep and Intense

Voiceover Artists: Chris Grant (British); Jennifer Knight; Brad Smith

Style: Fun and Smiling / Character Voices

Voiceover Artist: Sheldon Smith

Style: Regal and Educated

Voiceover Artist: Erick Abraham

Style: Youthful and Impassioned

Voiceover: Jessica Wachsman-Selznick

Style: Informational and Inspirational

Voiceover Artist: Anne Kelly

Style: Seductive and Enticing

Voiceover Artist: Paul Boucher

Style: Modern and Crisp

Voiceover Artist: Mitch Craig

Style: High Energy

Voiceover Artist: Matt Wiewel

Style: Friendly and Comforting

PFD Pick-Click-Give Campaign

- Alaska Police & Fire Chaplains Ministries - Alaska Zoo - Big Brothers Big Sisters

Voiceover Artists: Tim Gehlsen; Simone Maddox; Ross Huguet

Style: Trio of ads; Mixed Content; Upbeat

Voiceover: Jho Harris (Irish); Lila Sage (age 6)

Style: Endearing and Family Warmth





Make your message matter!

Crisp, bold branding makes a difference.

Let Optima be your guide to visibility and success.


© 2017 Optima Public Relations


© 2017 Optima Public Relations