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Audio and Voiceover Production

Radio advertising is a niche market and can be highly effective. Choosing the best voiceover talent along with content, theme, tone, cadence and overall presentation is where Optima can help brand your message most effectively.

Our list of voiceover talent and network professionals/studios makes your radio advertisements and online audios even more unique. We have studios in Anchorage and the Valley that we utilize for fast, quality production, editing and delivery.

We can write your script and help with streamlining your message. Each ad example you hear on this page was written by Optima's team of professionals.

Optima won a 2014 Gold Pollie Award from the American Association of Political Consultants for "Best of Use of Radio Statewide" for Lesil McGuire for Lt. Governor

Award Winning Radio 2014 Gold Pollie Award




We have the best voiceover professionals in the market. You'll likely recognize their voices from national T.V. and radio commercials and public service announcements.

Let Optima produce YOUR next radio or website audio with the best in voiceover creativity and sound.

Here are a few of our shining stars in voiceover production
  • Kelley Buttrick
    Kelley Buttrick
  • Sheldon Smith
    Sheldon Smith
  • Harry Chase
    Harry Chase
  • Rex Allen Jr.
    Rex Allen Jr.
  • Mike Shepard
    Mike Shepard
  • Thom Pinto
    Thom Pinto
  • Anne Kelly
    Anne Kelly
  • Ed Victor
    Ed Victor
  • Dyna Reeves
    Dyna Reeves
  • Dick Ervasti
    Dick Ervasti
  • Don Capone
    Don Capone
  • Dennis Stone
    Dennis Stone
  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams
  • Bob Souer
    Bob Souer
  • Harlan Hogan
    Harlan Hogan
  • Robert Clotworthy
    Robert Clotworthy
  • Bill Barrett
    Bill Barrett
  • Eddie Maxwell
    Eddie Maxwell
  • Rick Lance
    Rick Lance
  • Roxanne Hernandez-Coyne
    Roxanne Hernandez-Coyne
  • Tom Dheere
    Tom Dheere
  • Tara Sands
    Tara Sands
  • Anne Hall
    Anne Hall
  • Dude Walker
    Dude Walker
  • Charles Thomas
    Charles Thomas
  • Randy West
    Randy West
  • Dave Steele
    Dave Steele
  • Martha Mellinger
    Martha Mellinger
  • Matt Wiewel
    Matt Wiewel
  • Chris Grant
    Chris Grant
  • Nancy Linari
    Nancy Linari
  • Tim Gehlsen
    Tim Gehlsen
  • Deb Coloma
    Deb Coloma
  • Lila Sage
    Lila Sage
  • Jennifer Knight
    Jennifer Knight
  • Katie Dehnart
    Katie Dehnart
  • J. Michael Collins
    J. Michael Collins
  • Michael Schoen
    Michael Schoen
  • Ross Huguet
    Ross Huguet
  • Elizabeth Hales
    Elizabeth Hales
  • Susan Haight
    Susan Haight
  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith
  • J. Christopher Dunn
    J. Christopher Dunn
  • Howard Ellison
    Howard Ellison
  • Kendra Hoffman
    Kendra Hoffman
  • Chad Erickson
    Chad Erickson
  • Ari Ross
    Ari Ross
  • Dottie Janson
    Dottie Janson
  • Jho Harris
    Jho Harris
  • Sinead McClure
    Sinead McClure
  • Bo Barker
    Bo Barker
  • Stephanie Robinson
    Stephanie Lynn Robinson
  • Laurent Voff
    Laurent Voff
  • Kurt Kelly
    Kurt Kelly
  • Bob Worthington
    Bob Worthington
  • Amy Farris
    Amy Farris
  • Erick Abraham
    Erick Abraham
  • Jessica Wachsman
    Jessica Wachsman
  • Alan Burns
    Alan Burns
  • Paul Boucher
    Paul Boucher
  • Joe Michaels
    Joe Michaels
  • Pete Gustin
    Pete Gustin
  • Jessica Binstock
    Jessica Binstock
  • Donald James
    Donald James
  • David Seys
    David Seys
  • Peter Baker
    Peter Baker
  • Daniela Gotta
    Daniela Gotta
  • Craig Klein
    Craig Klein
  • Susan O'Neal
    Susan O'Neal
  • Mitch Craig
    Mitch Craig
  • Simone Maddox
    Simone Maddox
  • Kristin Lennox
    Kristin Lennox
  • Connor Quinn
    Connor Quinn
  • Lowell Deo
    Lowell Deo
  • Bryan Saulsbury
    Bryan Saulsbury
  • Robert Blythe
    Robert Blythe
  • Wayne Thompson
    Wayne Thompson
  • Lori Berman
    Lori Berman
  • Eugenia Halsey
    Eugenia Halsey
  • Dan Hurst
    Dan Hurst
  • Bill DeWees
    Bill DeWees
  • Kirsten Hintner
    Kirsten Hintner
  • Karen Carson
    Karen Carson
  • Sarah Weaver
    Sarah Weaver
  • Rob Brown
    Rob Brown
  • Kyrsten Weber
    Kyrsten Weber
  • Max McGill
    Max McGill
  • William Bradford
    William Bradford