A Complete Array of Services

Do it with the innovation you expect.

A Complete Array of Services

Do it with the innovation you expect.



Media and Public Relations 

Every single business, non-profit, government agency, and political campaign organization should have consistent, comprehensive engagement with its communities served, and media centers. Optima has the expertise and relationships to make you newsworthy.



Digital and Social Marketing 

The latest, greatest, most relevant form of branding and marketing is online digital advertising. A digital ad’s effectiveness is measurable through click-rate traffic and engagement. Optima has the most comprehensive system on the market for your message to be seen and responded to with success.



Radio Ad Production

If there was any specialty or service that we’re considered a national expert for, it has to be radio ad production. Our collective of top-tier professional voiceover talents and award-winning production team will make your message matter. The better the ad, the more attention you’ll receive. Check out our portfolio and hear for yourself. 


Graphic Design and Branding

Let’s be honest: Graphic designers are a dime a dozen… Online design sites and new design apps can appear the easy alternative. Not so fast! Optima combines professionally trained designer skill sets with the latest graphic programs and expertise in layout, publications, and concept to make your logo, brochure, annual report mailer or ads remarkable. See for yourself and look at our portfolio.



Video Ad Production 

Like many firms, Optima outsources its video production to local, national and international producers with training and aptitude to make you shine. From the basic 15 and 30 second video for TV and online branding to innovative animation and imaging, we have the filmmaking and videography team that will effectively, and inexpensively, get you viewed. 


Websites and Apps

If there’s anything you need immediately for your marketing and informational outreach, whether new or upgraded, it’s likely a website and connecting app for tablets and smartphones. The statistics don’t lie: The primary way people get their news is online and through their desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet devices. A modern, robust, memorable website will make a big difference to your mission and goals. An app enhances the effect.



Political Campaigns 

Results matter in campaigns and elections. Optima’s team of political consultants is one of the most innovative, creative, and successful (in win-to-loss ratio) in Alaska. Whether you’re a federal, state or local candidate, or you’re an advocacy group or PAC that has an issue you’re supporting or opposing, we can help with crisp, memorable, reaction-causing messaging.





Make your message matter!

Crisp, bold branding makes a difference.

Let Optima be your guide to visibility and success.


© 2017 Optima Public Relations


© 2017 Optima Public Relations